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Hey there! I’m Dr. Marie Fang. I started Private Practice Skills because I know so many therapists with a dream to thrive in private practice who feel totally overwhelmed by not knowing where to start or who feel buried by the amount of work they put into it. Private Practice Skills is about teaching you the skills you need to start and grow your practice while doing it your own way.

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So Long, World. I’m off to Mommyland!

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Private Practice and Pregnancy | How to Tell Clients You’re Pregnant

Private Practice and Pregnancy How to Tell Clients You're Pregnant I'm in my 33rd week of pregnancy, and up until getting pregnant myself, I had a hard time finding spaces where others talked about navigating pregnancy and maternity leave in private practice. In this article, I talk about how to ... READ the POST

Private Practice Tax Write-Offs | Free PDF Checklist

Private Practice Tax Write-Offs Free PDF Checklist We’re getting deep into the weeds this week. We’re talking about private practice tax write-offs. No idea what I’m talking about? It may sound yawn-worthy at first, but tax-write offs are the best. A little knowledge about how to do things the ... READ the POST